Improved high permeability CoZrTaB laminated thin films with novel CMOS compatible dielectric material

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Wei, Guannan
Das, Rajasree
Lordan, Daniel
Sai, Ranajit
Hayes, Mike
Lorenc, Marek
Clarke, Barry
Hurley, David
McCloskey, Paul
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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This paper present an optimized CoZrTaB-based laminated thin films with a novel wet etch-able oxide dielectric material. Wet etching capability was studied on the stack material exhibiting a narrow and clean undercut. Good uniaxial anisotropy with low coercivity was achieved via in-situ magnetic alignment during magnetron sputtering. Permeability of 432 and Q-factor of 23.4 at 100 MHz were observed in high frequency permeameter measurement. Finally thermal annealing was carried out at various temperatures. Uniaxial anisotropy was maintained up to 300 °C, while an enhancement of permeability (by 25%) was observed.
CMOS compatible , High permeability , High frequency soft magnetic material , Inductor
Wei, G., Das, R., Lordan, D., Sai, R., Hayes, M., Lorenc, M., Clarke, B., Hurley, D. and McCloskey, P. (2023) 'Improved high permeability CoZrTaB laminated thin films with novel CMOS compatible dielectric material', 2023 IEEE International Magnetic Conference - Short Papers (INTERMAG Short Papers), Sendai, Japan, 15-19 May, pp. 1-2.
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