Study of the performance of a thermophilic biological methanation system

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Guneratnam, Amita Jacob
Ahern, Eoin
FitzGerald, Jamie A.
Jackson, Stephen A.
Xia, Ao
Dobson, Alan D. W.
Murphy, Jerry D.
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This study investigated the operation of ex-situ biological methanation at two thermophilic temperatures (55 °C and 65 °C). Methane composition of 85–88% was obtained and volumetric productivities of 0.45 and 0.4 L CH4/L reactor were observed at 55 °C and 65 °C after 24 h respectively. It is postulated that at 55 °C the process operated as a mixed culture as the residual organic substrates in the starting inoculum were still available. These were consumed prior to the assessment at 65 °C; thus the methanogens were now dependent on gaseous substrates CO2 and H2. The experiment was repeated at 65 °C with fresh inoculum (a mixed culture); methane composition and volumetric productivity of 92% and 0.46 L CH4/L reactor were achieved in 24 h. Methanothermobacter species represent likely and resilient candidates for thermophilic biogas upgrading.
Biogas , Power to gas , Biological methanation , Methanogenic archaea , Volatile fatty acids
Guneratnam, A. J., Ahern, E., FitzGerald, J. A., Jackson, S. A., Xia, A., Dobson, A. D. W. and Murphy, J. D. (2017) 'Study of the performance of a thermophilic biological methanation system', Bioresource Technology, 225, pp. 308-315. doi:10.1016/j.biortech.2016.11.066
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