Online-based participatory design: A case study of developing international standards during a pandemic

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Zallio, Matteo
Grey, Thomas
Boland, Pauline
Kelly, Helen
White, P. J.
O’Ferrall, Elizabeth
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Universidad do Vale de Rio dos Sinos (UNISINOS)
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Standards are essential instruments to ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of products, services, systems, processes, and environments. In pre-pandemic times, standard development process used to happen through in-person consultation and meetings, however, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the whole routine. A team of technical experts from the National Standards Authority of Ireland trialled an online-based participatory design process to support the review and development of a standard through stakeholder engagement. This article introduces the experience of developing a new standard by leveraging on emerging digital technologies, through stakeholder participation. This research offers a framework, outlining the steps undertaken during the process, to support future online-based standard development processes in co-operation with stakeholders, by respecting cultures, backgrounds, skills, and experiences.
Participatory design , Design method(s) , Standards , Qualitative research , Online workshops , Co-creation
Zallio, M., Grey, T., Boland, P., Kelly, H., White, P. and O’Ferrall, E. (2022) ‘Online-based participatory design: a case study of developing international standards during a pandemic’, Strategic Design Research Journal, 15(1), pp. 39–51.
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