Development of active, nanoparticle, antimicrobial technologies for muscle-based packaging applications

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Morris, Michael A.
Padmanabhan, Sibu C.
Cruz-Romero, Malco C.
Cummins, Enda
Kerry, Joseph P.
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Fresh and processed muscle-based foods are highly perishable food products and packaging plays a crucial role in providing containment so that the full effect of preservation can be achieved through the provision of shelf-life extension. Conventional packaging materials and systems have served the industry well, however, greater demands are being placed upon industrial packaging formats owing to the movement of muscle-based products to increasingly distant markets, as well as increased customer demands for longer product shelf-life and storage capability. Consequently, conventional packaging materials and systems will have to evolve to meet these challenges. This review presents some of the new strategies that have been developed by employing novel nanotechnological concepts which have demonstrated some promise in significantly extending the shelf-life of muscle-based foods by providing commercially-applicable, antimicrobially-active, smart packaging solutions. The primary focus of this paper is applied to subject aspects, such as; material chemistries employed, forming methods utilised, interactions of the packaging functionalities including nanomaterials employed with polymer substrates and how such materials ultimately affect microbes. In order that such materials become industrially feasible, it is important that safe, stable and commercially-viable packaging materials are shown to be producible and effective in order to gain public acceptance, legislative approval and industrial adoption.
Antimicrobial , Muscle-based , Shelf-life
Morris, M. A., Padmanabhan, S. C., Cruz-Romero, M. C., Cummins, E. and Kerry, J. P. (2017) 'Development of active, nanoparticle, antimicrobial technologies for muscle-based packaging applications', Meat Science, 132, pp. 163-178. doi:10.1016/j.meatsci.2017.04.234
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