Strain-induced hierarchical ripples in MoS2 layers investigated by atomic force microscopy

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Hussain, Sabir
Xu, Rui
Xu,, Kunqi
Lei, Le
Meng, Lan
Zheng, Zhiyue
Xing, Shuya
Guo, Jianfeng
Dong, Haoyu
Liaqat, Adeel
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Strain engineering plays a vital role in controlling the physical properties of two-dimensional (2D) materials. However, the nanomechanical behavior of atomically thin 2D crystals under strain has not been completely understood. Here, strain-induced hierarchical ripple nanostructures in triangular MoS2 flakes were investigated by advanced atomic force microscopy and optical spectral measurements. The hierarchical nanoripples exhibited a threefold radial pattern, and their mechanical, electronic, and optical spectra characteristics were significantly modified due to the suffering from large tensile strain. Structure evolution of these hierarchical nanoripples was further discussed based on the geometry and thickness of MoS2 flakes, and we attributed the curtain effect at the limit of a single atomic layer. Our study will be beneficial in designing nanomechanical structures and prototype electromechanical devices with 2D materials.
Phonons , Semiconductors , Electromechanics , Elastic modulus , Atomic force microscopy , 2D materials , Photoluminescence spectroscopy , Thermal effects
Hussain, S., Xu, R., Xu, K., Lei, L., Meng, L., Zheng, Z., Xing, S., Guo, J., Dong, H., Liaqat, A., Iqbal, M.A., Li, Y.J., Sugawara, Y., Pang, F., Ji, W., Xie, L. and Cheng, Z. (2020) ‘Strain-induced hierarchical ripples in MoS2 layers investigated by atomic force microscopy’, Applied Physics Letters, 117(15), p. 153102. Available at:
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