Blockchain-based digital twins collaboration for smart pandemic alerting: Decentralized COVID-19 pandemic alerting use case

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Sahal, Radhya
Alsamhi, Saeed H.
Brown, Kenneth N.
O'Shea, Donna
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Emerging technologies such as digital twins, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a vital role in driving the industrial revolution in all domains, including the healthcare sector. As a result of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, there is a significant need for medical cyber-physical systems to adopt these emerging technologies to combat COVID-19 paramedic crisis. Also, acquiring secure real-time data exchange and analysis across multiple participants is essential to support the efforts against COVID-19. Therefore, we have introduced a blockchain-based collaborative digital twins framework for decentralized epidemic alerting to combat COVID-19 and any future pandemics. The framework has been proposed to bring together the existing advanced technologies (i.e., blockchain, digital twins, and AI) and then provide a solution to decentralize epidemic alerting to combat COVID-19 outbreaks. Also, we have described how the conceptual framework can be applied in the decentralized COVID-19 pandemic alerting use case.
Internet of Things (IoT) , Artificial intelligence (AI) , Covid-19 , Healthcare , Pandemic
Sahal, R., Alsamhi, S. H., Brown, K. N. and O'Shea, D. (2022) 'Blockchain-Based Digital Twins Collaboration for Smart Pandemic Alerting: Decentralized COVID-19 Pandemic Alerting Use Case', Computational Intelligence And Neuroscience, 2022, 7786441 (14 pp). doi: 10.1155/2022/7786441
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