Nonlinear measurements of electrochromic WO3/LiNbO3/NiO at microwave frequencies

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Bulja, Senad
Kozlov, Dmitry
Norooziarab, Majid
Kopf, Rose
Cappuzzo, Mark
Tate, Al
Cahill, Robert
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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In this paper and for the first time, nonlinear behaviour of an electronically tuneable electrochromic (EC) thin film material is investigated experimentally at microwave frequencies. The measurement setup based on the single tone method uses identical topologies for test cells based on SiO2 or Silicone Dioxide (SD) and EC dielectric materials for a mutual comparison study of the nonlinear behaviour of the tuneable EC dielectric. The measured third-order intercept point of EC test cells is around 80 dBm, which is larger than typical values for other tuneable technologies such as ferroelectrics and liquid crystals (LCs).
Antenna measurements , Silicon compounds , Oceans , Sea measurements , Microwave frequencies , Dielectric measurement , Graphene
Bulja, S., Kozlov, D., Norooziarab, M., Kopf, R., Cappuzzo, M., Tate, A. and Cahill, R. (2023) 'Nonlinear measurements of electrochromic WO3/LiNbO3/NiO at microwave frequencies', 2023 IEEE Radio and Antenna Days of the Indian Ocean (RADIO), Balaclava, Mauritius, 1-4 May, pp. 1-2, doi: 10.1109/RADIO58424.2023.10146064
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