The IMOCO4.E reference framework for intelligent motion control systems

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Mohamed, Sajid
van der Veen, Gijs
Kuppens, Hans
Vierimaa, Matias
Kanellos, Tassos
Stoutjesdijk, Henry
Masiero, Riccardo
Määttä, Kalle
van der Weit, Jan Wytze
Ribeiro, Gabriel
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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Intelligent motion control is integral to modern cyber-physical systems. However, smart integration of intelligent motion control with commercial and industrial systems requires domain expertise, industrial ‘know-how’ of the production processes, and resilient adaptation for the various engineering phases. The challenge is amplified with the adoption of advanced digital twin approaches, big data and artificial intelligence in the various industrial domains. This paper proposes the IMOCO4.E reference framework for the smart integration of intelligent motion control with commercial platforms (e.g. from SMEs) and industrial systems. The IMOCO4.E reference framework brings together the architecture, data management, artificial intelligence and digital twin viewpoints from the industrial users of the large-scale ‘Intelligent Motion Control under Industry4.E’ (IMOCO4.E) consortium. The framework envisions a generic platform for designing, developing, and implementing novice and complex motion-controlled industrial systems. Refinements and instantiations of the framework for the IMOCO4.E industrial cases validate the framework’s applicability for various industrial domains throughout the engineering phases and under different constraints imposed on the industrial cases.
Reference framework , Smart system integration , AI , Digital twin , Data management , Cyber-physical systems , Mechatronics , Motion control , Edge computing
Mohamed, S., van der Veen, G., Kuppens, H., Vierimaa, M., Kanellos, T., Stoutjesdijk, H., Masiero, R., Määttä, K., van der Weit, J. W., Ribeiro, G., Bergmann, A., Colombo, D., Arenas, J., Keary, A., Goubej, M., Rouxel, B., Kilpeläinen, P., Kadikis, R., Armendia, M., Blaha, P., Stokkermans, J., Čech, M. and Beltman, A.-J. (2023) 'The IMOCO4. E reference framework for intelligent motion control systems', 2023 IEEE 28th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), Sinaia, Romania, 12-15 September, pp. 1-8, doi: 10.1109/ETFA54631.2023.10275410
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