Remaking the printed word in the digital age

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Chen, Stephanie
Harrington, Elaine
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This interactive poster highlights a collaborative project to enhance access to rare and unique library collection items using emerging technologies. It presents four examples of how UCC Library staff and students worked together using new digital tools/platforms to showcase material in Special Collections to inspire, engage, enable, and connect, especially in uncertain times. Special Collections and Archives have long-engaged with the community through social media (like Twitter @theriversideUCC), through physical exhibitions, digital collections, stand-alone events and seasonal guides communicating information about UCC Library’s unique and distinctive collections. Recently, they partnered with the Library’s Digital Learning Specialist to explore a selection of digital tools/platforms. These are: a 3D Scanner, a 360-degree camera, Pressbooks, and Scalar. The output of this cross-portfolio partnership was the creation of 3D models of various objects; an immersive, virtual tour of Cork city based on historical newspaper advertisements; an online colouring book published on Pressbooks; and a digital exhibit on historical recipes on Scalar. While the four examples use material from Special Collections, they serve as an example of what is possible. The digital tools and platforms used are not limited to unique and distinctive collections but can be applied to all types of collections and material.
Boole Library , Interactive poster , University College Cork , Special Collections , Special Collections and Archives , Digital tools , Digital Learning Specialist , Digital platforms , 3D scanner , 360-degree camera , Pressbooks , 3D model , Scalar , Virtual tour of Cork city , Online colouring book , Historical recipes , Rare and unique library collections
Chen, S. and Harrington, E. (2022) Remaking the printed word in the digital age. 87th IFLA World Library and Information Congress, Dublin, Ireland, 26-29 July.
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