Barley protein properties, extraction and applications, with a focus on brewers’ spent grain protein

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Jaeger, Alice
Zannini, Emanuele
Sahin, Aylin W.
Arendt, Elke K.
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Barley is the most commonly used grain in the brewing industry for the production of beer-type beverages. This review will explore the extraction and application of proteins from barley, particularly those from brewers’ spent grain, as well as describing the variety of proteins present. As brewers’ spent grain is the most voluminous by-product of the brewing industry, the valorisation and utilisation of spent grain protein is of great interest in terms of sustainability, although at present, BSG is mainly sold cheaply for use in animal feed formulations. There is an ongoing global effort to minimise processing waste and increase up-cycling of processing side-streams. However, sustainability in the brewing industry is complex, with an innate need for a large volume of resources such as water and energy. In addition to this, large volumes of a by-product are produced at nearly every step of the process. The extraction and characterisation of proteins from BSG is of great interest due to the high protein quality and the potential for a wide variety of applications, including foods for human consumption such as bread, biscuits and snack-type products.
Brewers’ spent grain , Barley protein , By-product valorisation , Brewing waste , Food ingredient
Jaeger, A., Zannini, E., Sahin, A. W. and Arendt, E. K. (2021) 'Barley Protein Properties, Extraction and Applications, with a Focus on Brewers’ Spent Grain Protein', Foods, 10(6), 1389 (21 pp). doi: 10.3390/foods10061389