NiF2 nanorod arrays for supercapattery applications

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Shinde, N. M.
Shinde, P. V.
Yun, J. M.
Gunturu, K. C.
Mane, R. S.
O'Dwyer, Colm
Kim, K. H.
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American Chemical Society
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A electrode for energy storage cells is possible directly on Ni foam, using a simple reduction process to form NiF2 nanorod arrays (NA). We demonstrate NiF2@Ni NA for a symmetric electrochemical supercapattery electrode. With an areal specific capacitance of 51 F cm–2 at 0.25 mA cm–2 current density and 94% cycling stability, a NiF2@Ni electrode can exhibit supercapattery behavior, a combination of supercapacitor and battery-like redox. The symmetric electrochemical supercapattery delivers 31 W h m–2 energy density and 797 W m–2 power density with 83% retention in a 1 M KOH electrolyte, constituting a step toward manufacturing a laboratory-scale energy storage device based on metal halides. Producing self-grown hierarchically porous nanostructured electrodes on three-dimensional metal foams by displacement reactions may be useful for other metal halides as electrodes for supercapacitors, supercapatteries, and lithium-ion batteries.
Redox reactions , Electrical properties , Electrodes , Nanorods , Materials
Shinde, N. M., Shinde, P. V., Yun, J. M., Gunturu K. C., Mane R. S., O'Dwyer, C., Kim K. H. (2020) 'NiF2 Nanorod Arrays for Supercapattery Applications', ACS Omega, 5 (17), pp. 9768-9774. doi: 10.1021/acsomega.9b04219