Gene × environment interactions in schizophrenia: evidence from genetic mouse models

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Moran, Paula M.
Stokes, Jennifer
Marr, Julia
Bock, Gavin
Desbonnet, Lieve
Waddington, John
O'Tuathaigh, Colm M. P.
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The study of gene × environment, as well as epistatic interactions in schizophrenia, has provided important insight into the complex etiopathologic basis of schizophrenia. It has also increased our understanding of the role of susceptibility genes in the disorder and is an important consideration as we seek to translate genetic advances into novel antipsychotic treatment targets. This review summarises data arising from research involving the modelling of gene × environment interactions in schizophrenia using preclinical genetic models. Evidence for synergistic effects on the expression of schizophrenia-relevant endophenotypes will be discussed. It is proposed that valid and multifactorial preclinical models are important tools for identifying critical areas, as well as underlying mechanisms, of convergence of genetic and environmental risk factors, and their interaction in schizophrenia.
Schizophrenia , Endophenotypes , Etiopathologic basis , Epistatic interactions , Susceptibility genes , Environment interactions , Schizophrenia-relevant endophenotypes , Genetic risk factors , Environmental risk factors
Moran, P., Stokes, J., Marr, J., Bock, G., Desbonnet, L., Waddington, J. and O’Tuathaigh, C. (2016) Gene × environment interactions in schizophrenia: evidence from genetic mouse models. Neural Plasticity, 2173748 (23pp). doi: 10.1155/2016/2173748.