Hydrodynamics of oscillating water column wave energy converters

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Sheng, Wanan
Alcorn, Raymond
Lewis, Anthony
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This work deals with the numerical studies on hydrodynamics of oscillating water column (OWC) wave energy converters and its damping optimization on maximizing wave energy conversion by the OWC device. As a fundamental step, the hydrodynamic problems have been systematically studied by considering the interactions of the wave-structure and of the wave-internal water surface. Our first attention is on how the hydrodynamic performance can be reliably assessed, especially when it comes to the time-domain analysis, and what the physics behind the considerations is. Further on, a damping optimization for the OWC wave energy converter is also present based on the dynamics of the linear system, and a study on how we can optimize the damping for the given sea states so that the power conversion from irregular waves from irregular waves can be maximized.
Hydrodynamics , Oscillating water column , OWC , Wave energy converter , Power conversion
Sheng, W., Alcorn, R. and Lewis, A. (2014) 'Hydrodynamics of oscillating water column wave energy converters', Renew 2014: 1st International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore. Lisbon, Portugal, 24 - 26 November. Unpublished.
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