Wearable wireless inertial measurement for sports applications

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Gaffney, Mark
O'Flynn, Brendan
Mathewson, Alan
Buckley, John
Barton, John
Angove, Philip
Včelák, Jan
Ó Conaire, Ciarán
Healy, Graham
Moran, Kieran A.
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A wearable WIMU (Wireless Inertial Measurement Unit) [1] system for sports applications based on Tyndall's 25mm mote technology [2] has been developed to identify tennis performance determining factors, giving coaches & players improved feedback [3, 4]. Multiple WIMUs transmit player motion data to a PC/laptop via a receiver unit. Internally the WIMUs consist of: an IMU layer with MEMS based sensors; a microcontroller/transceiver layer; and an interconnect layer with supplemental 70g accelerometers and a lithium-ion battery. Packaging consists of a robust ABS plastic case with internal padding, a power switch, battery charging port and status LED with Velcro-elastic straps that are used to attach the device to the player. This offers protection from impact, sweat, and movement of sensors which could cause degradation in device performance. In addition, an important requirement for this device is that it needs to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. Calibration ensures that misalignment of the accelerometer and magnetometer axes are accounted for, allowing more accurate measurements to be made.
Inertial measurement , Wearable , Wireless inertial measurement unit (WIMU)
Gaffney, M. O'Flynn, B. Mathewson, A. Buckley, J. Barton, J. Angove, P. Vcelak. J, Ó Conaire, C. Healy, G. Moran, K. O'Connor, N. E. Coyle, S. Kelly, P. Caulfield, B. Conroy, L. 2009. Wearable wireless inertial measurement for sports applications. Proc. IMAPS-CPMT Poland 2009, Gliwice – Pszczyna, Poland, 22-24 Sept, 2009
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