Investigating interface states and oxide traps in the MoS2/oxide/Si system

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Coleman, Emma M.
Mirabelli, Gioele
Bolshakov, P.
Zhao, P.
Caruso, Enrico
Gity, Farzan
Monaghan, Scott
Cherkaoui, Karim
Balestra, V.
Wallace, R. M.
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This paper reports on the study of inverted metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) structures formed through mechanical exfoliation of MoS2 flakes onto Al2O3 or SiO2 layers grown on degenerately doped p type silicon substrates. Using Au/Ni metal top contacts, multi-frequency capacitance and conductance characterisation were performed to investigate electrically active defects in the MoS2/oxide structures. This data has been paired with physics-based ac simulations which indicate close to ideal interfacial properties.
2D materials , Interface states , Oxide traps , MoS2/oxide/Si system , MOSFET , Tunnel FET
Coleman, E., Mirabelli, G., Bolshakov, P., Zhao, P., Caruso, E., Gity, F., Monaghan, S., Cherkaoui, K., Balestra, V., Wallace, R. M., Young, C. D., Duffy, R. and Hurley, P. K.(2021) 'Investigating interface states and oxide traps in the MoS2/oxide/Si system', Solid-State Electronics, 186, 108123 (4pp). doi: 10.1016/j.sse.2021.108123
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