How to be FAIR with your data - A teaching and training handbook for higher education institutions

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Engelhardt, Claudia
Biernacka, Katarzyna
Coffey, Aoife M.
Cornet, Ronald
Danciu, Alina
Demchenko, Yuri
Downes, Stephen
Erdmann, Christopher
Garbuglia, Federica
Germer, Kerstin
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The handbook was written and edited by a group of about 40 collaborators in a series of six book sprint events that took place between 1 and 10 June 2021. It aims to support higher education institutions with the practical implementation of content relating to the FAIR principles in their curricula and teaching by providing practical material, such as competence profiles, learning outcomes and lesson plans, and supporting information. It incorporates community feedback received during the public consultation which ran from 27 July to 12 September 2021.
Handbook , Higher education , FAIR principles , Curricula , Teaching , Competence profiles , Learning outcomes , Lesson plans , Supporting information
Engelhardt, C., Biernacka, K., Coffey, A., Cornet, R., Danciu, A., Demchenko, Y., Downes, S., Erdmann, C., Garbuglia, F., Germer, K., Hellström, M., Hettne, K., Hibbert, D., Jetten, M., Karimova, Y., Kryger Hansen, K., Kuusniemi, M. E., Letizia, V., McCutcheon, V., McGillivray, B., Ostrop, J., Petersen, B., Petrus, A., Reichmann, S., Rettberg, N., Reverté, C., Rochlin, N., Saenen, B., Schmidt, B., Scholten, J., Shanahan, H., Straube, A., Van den Eynden, V., Vandendorpe, J., Venkataram, S., Wiljes, C., Wuttke, U., Yeomans, J. and Zhou, B. (2022) How to be FAIR with your data - A teaching and training handbook for higher education institutions. Available at: (Accessed: 27 January 2022)
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