Rocaglates induce gain-of-function alterations to eIF4A and eIF4F

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Chu, Jennifer
Zhang, Wenhan
Cencic, Regina
O'Connor, Patrick B. F.
Robert, Francis
Devine, William G.
Selznick, Asher
Henkel, Thomas
Merrick, William C.
Brown, Lauren E.
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Elsevier B.V.
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Rocaglates are a diverse family of biologically active molecules that have gained tremendous interest in recent years due to their promising activities in pre-clinical cancer studies. As a result, this family of compounds has been significantly expanded through the development of efficient synthetic schemes. However, it is unknown whether all of the members of the rocaglate family act through similar mechanisms of action. Here, we present a comprehensive study comparing the biological activities of >200 rocaglates to better understand how the presence of different chemical entities influences their biological activities. Through this, we find that most rocaglates preferentially repress the translation of mRNAs containing purine-rich 5′ leaders, but certain rocaglates lack this bias in translation repression. We also uncover an aspect of rocaglate mechanism of action in which the pool of translationally active eIF4F is diminished due to the sequestration of the complex onto RNA.
eIF4A , eIF4F , Interfacial inhibitor , Rocaglates , Translation initiation
Chu, J., Zhang, W., Cencic, R., O'Connor, P. B. F., Robert, F., Devine, W. G., Selznick, A., Henkel, T., Merrick, W. C., Brown, L. E., Baranov, P. V., Porco, J. A., Jr and Pelletier, J. (2020) 'Rocaglates induce gain-of-function alterations to eIF4A and eIF4F', Cell Reports, 30(8), pp. 2481-2488.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.02.002
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