An immersive VR game to ascertain pattern recall in virtual reality

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Murphy, David
O'Mahony, Billy
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Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing form of media, with uses in entertainment, industry and education. By generating a real-time feedback loop based on a user’s emotional state we can tailor experiences in such a way that it maintains the user’s engagement, ensuring they learn more in an educational system, or play longer in a gaming scenario. Biosensors can be used to acquire physiological data from the user in real time, this data can then be used to determine the user’s current emotional state. To determine whether creating such a feedback loop is viable in Virtual Reality we developed a simple pattern replication game for the Oculus Rift which uses two biosensor devices to read three different biosignals. We conducted a study with 53 total participants. We present some preliminary findings and a plan for the next phase of the study.
VR , Serious Games , Pattern Recall , Pattern Replication , EEG , GSR , HR , Biosignals , ECG , Secondary input , Biosignals , Memory , Cognition , Education
Murphy, D. and O'Mahony, B. (2019) 'An Immersive VR Game To Ascertain Pattern Recall In Virtual Reality', in Felicia, P. (ed).Proceedings of the 9th Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning (iGBL2019), Cork, 27-28 June.
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