Ar-Ar age constraints on the timing of Havre Trough opening and magmatism

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Wysoczanski, Richard J.
Leonard, Graham
Gill, James
Wright, Ian
Calvert, Andrew T.
McIntosh, William
Jicha, Brian
Gamble, John A.
Timm, Christian
Handler, Monica
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The age and style of opening of the Havre Trough back-arc system is uncertain due to a lack of geochronologic constraints for the region. 40Ar/39Ar dating of 19 volcanic rocks from across the southern Havre Trough and Kermadec Arc was conducted in three laboratories to provide age constraints on the system. The results are integrated and interpreted as suggesting that this subduction system is young (< 2 Ma) and coeval with opening of the continental Taupo Volcanic Zone of New Zealand. Arc magmatism was broadly concurrent across the breadth of the Havre Trough.
Havre Trough , Kermadec Arc , Ar-Ar , Magmatism , Back-arc basin , Rifting
Wysoczanski, R., Leonard, G., Gill, J., Wright, I., Calvert, A., McIntosh, W., Jicha, B., Gamble, J., Timm, C., Handler, M., Drewes, E. and Zohrab, A. (In press) 'Ar-Ar age constraints on the timing of Havre Trough opening and magmatism', New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics.
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