Social psychology of and for world-making

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Power, Séamus A.
Zittoun, Tania
Akkerman, Sanne
Wagoner, Brady
Cabra, Martina
Cornish, Flora
Hawlina, Hana
Heasman, Brett
Mahendran, Kesi
Psaltis, Charis
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Social psychology’s disconnect from the vital and urgent questions of people’s lived experiences reveals limitations in the current paradigm. We draw on a related perspective in social psychology1—the sociocultural approach—and argue how this perspective can be elaborated to consider not only social psychology as a historical science but also social psychology of and for world-making. This conceptualization can make sense of key theoretical and methodological challenges faced by contemporary social psychology. As such, we describe the ontology, epistemology, ethics, and methods of social psychology of and for world-making. We illustrate our framework with concrete examples from social psychology. We argue that reconceptualizing social psychology in terms of world-making can make it more humble yet also more relevant, reconnecting it with the pressing issues of our time.
Cultural psychology , Ethics , Imagination , Methodological pluralism , Social psychology , World-making
Power, S.A., Zittoun, T., Akkerman, S., Wagoner, B., Cabra, M., Cornish, F., Hawlina, H., Heasman, B., Mahendran, K., Psaltis, C., Rajala, A., Veale, A. and Gillespie, A. (2023) ‘Social psychology of and for world-making’, Personality and Social Psychology Review, (15 pp).