CT in the detection of latent tuberculosis: a systematic review

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Moore, Niamh
Maher, M.
Murphy, G.
O’Callaghan Maher, M.
O’Connor, O. J.
McEntee, Mark F.
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Aim: To evaluate the use of computed tomography (CT) and low-dose CT in the detection of latent tuberculosis (TB). Materials And Methods: A systematic search of literature in adherence with the PRISMA guidelines was carried out. Quality assessment of the included studies was conducted. Results: The search strategy identified a total of 4,621 studies. Sixteen studies were considered eligible and included in the review. There was high heterogeneity among all studies. CT was identified as much more sensitive for the detection of latent TB in all studies despite chest radiography often being recommended in guidelines to assess patients for latent TB. Low-dose CT showed promising results in four of the studies; however, these results were limited due to small sample sizes. Conclusion: CT is much superior to chest radiography consistently identifying additional cases of latent TB. There are limited high-quality publications available using low-dose CT but findings thus far suggest low-dose CT could be used as an alternative to standard-dose CT for the detection of latent TB. It is recommended that a randomised controlled trial investigating low-dose CT should be carried out.
Latent tuberculosis , TB , Computed tomography , CT
Moore, N., Maher, M., Murphy, G., Maher, M. C., O’Connor, O. J. and McEntee, M. F. (2023) 'CT in the detection of latent tuberculosis: a systematic review', Clinical Radiology. doi: 10.1016/j.crad.2023.04.014