Characterization and modeling of acousto-optic signal strengths in highly scattering media

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Bengtsson, Alexander
Hill, David
Li, Meng
Di, Mengqiao
Cinthio, Magnus
Erlöv, Tobias
Andersson-Engels, Stefan
Reistad, Nina
Walther, Andreas
Rippe, Lars
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Optical Society of America
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Ultrasound optical tomography (UOT) is an imaging technique based on the acousto-optic effect that can perform optical imaging with ultrasound resolution inside turbid media, and is thus interesting for biomedical applications, e.g. for assessing tissue blood oxygenation. In this paper, we present near background free measurements of UOT signal strengths using slow light filter signal detection. We carefully analyze each part of our experimental setup and match measured signal strengths with calculations based on diffusion theory. This agreement between experiment and theory allows us to assert the deep tissue imaging potential of ∼5 cm for UOT of real human tissues predicted by previous theoretical studies [Biomed. Opt. Express 8, 4523 (2017)] with greater confidence, and indicate that future theoretical analysis of optimized UOT systems can be expected to be reliable.
Inhomogeneously broadened lasers , Medical imaging , Optical pumping , Real time imaging , Slow light , Tissue imaging
Bengtsson, A., Hill, D., Li, M., Di, M., Cinthio, M., Erlöv, T., Andersson-Engels, S., Reistad, N., Walther, A., Rippe, L. and Kröll, S. (2019) 'Characterization and modeling of acousto-optic signal strengths in highly scattering media', Biomedical Optics Express, 10(11), 371226, pp. 5565-5584. DOI: 10.1364/BOE.10.005565