Assessing the degree of human resource innovation: an exploratory analysis of Irish hotel corporations

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Jooss, Stefan
Burbach, Ralf
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Purpose: Although a need for innovative approaches to the strategic management of human resources (HR) has been identified, many firms continue to rely solely on their HR information systems instead of adapting to the digital consumer with innovative tools and digital HR management (d-HRM). This research aims to evaluate critically the degree of digital innovation of HR practices in the Irish hotel industry. Methodology/approach: For this qualitative study, a total of 10 semi-structured interviews were conducted with key personnel at both corporate and property level HR in the two largest Irish hotel groups. Findings: Findings show an overall lack of technological innovation and most of the principal HR activities are digitalised to a very limited extent. In addition, the perception of the degree of digitalisation varies significantly between the managers in both organisations. Practical and social implications: In order to attract digital natives and to increase their competitiveness within the sector, Irish hotel corporations will need to invest significantly in innovation within their HR departments to capitalise on the strategic and operational advantages of d-HRM. Thus, a more strategic approach towards HR innovation is needed. Originality/value: This chapter operationalises the concept of HR innovation in the context of the hotel industry; it analyses the key HR activities in hotel operations with regard to the extent to which they are digitalised; and it develops a model of HR digitalisation that can be applied to the hotel and other industries. This research, therefore, contributes to the existing body of knowledge on HR innovation with a specific focus on the hotel industry.
Innovation , e-HRM , d-HRM , Strategic human resource management , Hospitality , Hotels
Jooss, S. and Burbach, R. (2017) 'Assessing the Degree of Human Resource Innovation: An Exploratory Analysis of Irish Hotel Corporations', in Bondarouk, T., Ruel, H. and Parry, E. (eds)., The Changing Context of Managing People / Electronic HRM in the Smart Era, Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 33-57. isbn: 978-1-78714-315-9
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