Carbohydrate Syntrophy enhances the establishment of Bifidobacterium breve UCC2003 in the neonatal gut

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Motherway, Mary O'Connell
O'Brien, Frances
O'Driscoll, Tara
Casey, Pat G.
Shanahan, Fergus
van Sinderen, Douwe
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Springer Nature
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The non-digestible oligosaccharide fraction of maternal milk represents an important of carbohydrate and energy source for saccharolytic bifidobacteria in the gastrointestinal tract during early life. However, not all neonatal bifidobacteria isolates can directly metabolise the complex sialylated, fucosylated, sulphated and/or N-acetylglucosamine-containing oligosaccharide structures present in mothers milk. For some bifidobacterial strains, efficient carbohydrate syntrophy or crossfeeding is key to their establishment in the gut. In this study, we have adopted advanced functional genomic approaches to create single and double in-frame deletions of the N-acetyl glucosamine 6-phosphate deacetylase encoding genes, nagA1 and nagA2, of B. breve UCC2003. In vitro phenotypic analysis followed by in vivo studies on co-colonisation, mother to infant transmission, and evaluation of the relative co-establishment of B. bifidum and B. breve UCC2003 or UCC2003 Delta nagA1 Delta nagA2 in dam-reared neonatal mice demonstrates the importance of crossfeeding on sialic acid, fucose and N-acetylglucosamine-containing oligosaccharides for the establishment of B. breve UCC2003 in the neonatal gut. Furthermore, transcriptomic analysis of in vivo gene expression shows upregulation of genes associated with the utilisation of lactose, sialic acid, GlcNAc-6-S and fucose in B. breve UCC2003, while for UCC2003 Delta nagA1 Delta nagA2 only genes for lactose metabolism were upregulated.
Functional-analysis , Gene-expression , Bifidum PRL2010 , Milk , Oligosaccharides , System , Longum , Microbiota , Pathways , Replicon
O’Connell Motherway, M., O’Brien, F., O’Driscoll, T., Casey, P. G., Shanahan, F. and van Sinderen, D. (2018) 'Carbohydrate Syntrophy enhances the establishment of Bifidobacterium breve UCC2003 in the neonatal gut', Scientific Reports, 8(1), 10627 (10pp). doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-29034-0