Tidal flyer; innovation, design & evolution (TIDE)

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Devaney, Theo
Holmes, Brian
Bhinder, Majid A.
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Open Ocean Energy (OOE) Ltd. is a tidal energy company developing a vertical hydrofoil based device, the Tidal Flyer. Following the initial years proving the concept and progressing the design of the system for the past 3 years OOE have been working intensively with Black & Veatch (B& V) on the techno-economic optimisation of the Tidal Flyer configuration. This paper will outline recently conducted Phase 1 physical testing of various aspects of the technical design evolving from the study. CFD work investigating critical features of the system dynamics was also undertaken but is not reported here. The Phase 1 testing was constructed to inform the design of a full, dynamic model due for testing at the combined wave and current tank, Flowave in Edinburgh, Scotland. The latter trials will be undertaken as a Phase 2 test programme. At the end of the physical test schedule, OOE will have completed up to TRL 4 and satisfied a series of predefined stage gates criteria. The programme of empirical testing involved two visits (8 testing days) to the IFREMER flow flume in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. The CFD analysis is being undertaken at UCC as part of the SFI funded Marine Renewable Energy Ireland [MaREI] scheme. Initially the empirical setups were simulated to verify the test plan.
Tidal energy , Hydrofoils , Wake , Foil spacing , Lift & Drag
Devaney, T., Holmes, B. and Bhinder, M. A. (2017) Tidal Flyer; Innovation, Design & Evolution (TIDE), Proceedings of the 12th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC), Cork, Ireland, Cork, Ireland, 27 August - 1 September.
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