Monopile-mounted wave energy converter for a hybrid wind-wave system

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Perez-Collazo, C.
Pemberton, R.
Greaves, D.
Iglesias, Gregorio
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Multipurpose platforms are innovative solutions to combine the sustainable exploitation of multiple marine resources. Among them, hybrid wind-wave systems stand out due to the multiple synergies between these two forms of marine renewable energy. The objective of this work is to develop a hybrid system for monopile substructures, which are currently the prevailing type of substructure for offshore wind turbines, and more specifically to focus on the wave energy converter sub-system, which consists in an oscillating water column. For this purpose, an in-depth experimental campaign was carried out using a 1:40 scale model of the wave energy converter sub-system and the monopile substructure, considering regular and irregular waves. Based on the experimental results the performance of the device and its interaction with the wave field were characterised â a fundamental step to fully understand the benefits and limitations of this hybrid wind-wave system, which sets the basis for its future development. Regarding the performance, the best efficiency was obtained with the turbine damping corresponding to a 0.5% orifice size, and two resonance peaks were identified (T = 9 and 6 s). As for the interaction of the hybrid system with the wave field, between 5% and 66% of the incident wave power is reflected and between 3% and 45%, transmitted. The wave period was found to be the parameter that most influenced wave run-up on the substructure. This characterisation of the behaviour of the hybrid system shows that it is indeed a promising option for further development.
Hybrid wind-wave , OWC , Physical modelling , Wave energy, Offshore Wind , Wave energy , Offshore wind
Perez-Collazo, C., Pemberton, R., Greaves, D. and Iglesias, G. (2019) 'Monopile-mounted wave energy converter for a hybrid wind-wave system', Energy Conversion and Management, 199, 111971 (13 pp). doi: 10.1016/j.enconman.2019.111971