Scale up of advanced packaging and system integration for hybrid technologies

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Selim, Ramsey
Hoofman, Romano
Labie, Riet
Sandeep, Veda
Drischel, Thomas
Torki, Kholdoun
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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This paper presents an overview of challenges in system integration for 2.5D/3D assemblies, including copackaged optics and electronics, MEMS and microfluidics. It addresses the gap between early-stage prototypes and volume manufacturing that need true advanced packaging and system integration to realize their complex multi-technology devices. This is done by means of a virtual demonstrator that include both 2.5D/3D assemblies of ASICs and integrated photonic devices, as well as MEMS and microfluidics devices. It also addresses lowering the cost barrier for users accessing these technologies for their products, such that it will enable an increased uptake of system integration by the industry at large.
2.5/3D integration , Cost sharing , MEMS , Microfluidics , MPW runs , Photonics packaging , System integration
Selim, R., Hoofman, R., Labie, R., Sandeep, V., Drischel, T. and Torki, K. (2021) 'Scale up of advanced packaging and system integration for hybrid technologies', 2021 Smart Systems Integration, Grenoble, France, 27-29 April. doi: 10.1109/SSI52265.2021.9467004
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