Ultra-low loss integrated magnetics platform for high frequency power delivery networks

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Podder, Pranay
Pavlovic, Zoran
Masood, Ansar
Wei, Guannan
Lordan, Daniel
O'Driscoll, Séamus
Peters, Nicolas
Peng, Lulu
Ali, Zishan
Selvaraj, Lawrence
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The future smart systems are envisaged to continue shrinking in size and weight, while integrating more features and functionalities, leading to significant increase in power density and efficiency requirements. In addition, devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers require a large reduction in electronic component height. While SMT chip power inductors may have thicknesses as low as 0.6mm; thin film power inductors offer an incremental height of ~50μm. This paper introduces an ultra-low loss integrated magnetics platform for the next generation power systems on-chip (PwrSoC) and in-package (PwrSiP) applications. The integrated magnetics-on-silicon inductors and transformers have been designed, fabricated using conventional CMOS fabrication processes, and characterized, demonstrating industry leading performance metrics.
Smart systems , Ultra-low loss integrated magnetics platform , Power systems on-chip (PwrSoC) , Power systems in-package (PwrSiP)
Podder, P., Pavlovic, Z., Masood, A., Wei, G., Lordan, D., O'Driscoll, S., Peters, N., Peng, L., Ali, Z., Selvaraj, L., Cheng, C. S., O'Mathuna, C. and McCloskey, P. (2020) 'Ultra-low loss integrated magnetics platform for high frequency power delivery networks', CIPS 2020; 11th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems, Berlin, Germany, 24-26 March, pp. 81-84. Available at: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/9097660 (Accessed: 19 August 2021)
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