Advanced biohydrogen production using pretreated industrial waste: outlook and prospects

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Prabakar, Desika
Manimudi, Varshini T.
Subha, Suvetha K.
Sampath, Swetha
Mahapatra, Durga Madhab
Rajendran, Karthik
Pugazhendhi, Arivalagan
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In order to address existing environmental concerns as a result of non-renewable energy sources and to meet future energy demands, biohydrogen offers a suitable alternative energy reserve. Discrete as well as integrative methods of biohydrogen production have been analyzed over time, optimized for achieving high yields. In addition, key process parameters such as temperature, pH, hydraulic retention time, substrate concentration etc., which influence the rate of production have been clarified. Several studies have exploited industrial waste as feed sources for the production of biohydrogen; however, lower yields from these add an additional requirement for suitable pretreatment methods. The present communication examines various pretreatment methods used to increase the accessibility of industrial wastewater/waste for biohydrogen production. Furthermore, a brief overview addresses challenges and constraints in creating a biohydrogen economy. The impacts of pretreating wastes on biohydrogen generation and the latest trends are also supplied. This study helps in the critical understanding of agro-industrial wastes for biohydrogen production, thereby encouraging future outcomes for a sustainable biohydrogen economy.
Biohydrogen , Non-renewable , Pretreatment , Wastewater , Industrial waste
Prabakar, D., Manimudi, V. T., Subha, S. K., Sampath, S., Mahapatra, D. M., Rajendran, K. and Pugazhendhi, A. (2018) 'Advanced biohydrogen production using pretreated industrial waste: outlook and prospects', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 96, pp. 306-324. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2018.08.006
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