Wavelength division multiplexing at 2μm

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Mac Suibhne, Naoise C.
Li, Zhihong
Baeuerle, Benedikt
Zhao, Jian
Wooler, John P.
Alam, Shaif-ul
Poletti, Francesco
Petrovich, Marco N.
Heidt, Alexander
Giles, Ian
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Optical Society of America
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This paper shows, for the first time, the implementation of a WDM subsystem at the 2μm wavelength window with mixed formats. Three wavelength channels were directly modulated withBPSK Fast-OFDM at 5Gbit/s per channel, with a fourth channel NRZ-OOK externally modulated at8.5Gbit/s giving a total capacity in excess of 20 Gbit/s.
OFDM , BPSK , 2μm , Capacity limits , Capacity crunch , Optical communications , Wavelength division multiplexing
MAC SUIBHNE, N., LI, Z., BAEUERLE, B., ZHAO, J., WOOLER, J. P., ALAM, S.-U., POLETTI, F., PETROVICH, M. N., HEIDT, A., GILES, I., GILES, D. J., PÁLSDÓTTIR, B., GRÜNER-NIELSEN, L., PHELAN, R., O'CARROLL, J., KELLY, B., MURPHY, D., ELLIS, A. D., RICHARDSON, D. & GARCIA GUNNING, F. C. (2012) 'Wavelength Division Multiplexing at 2μm', ECOC 2012, 38th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication, 16-20 Sep 2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Optical Society of America, Th.3.A.3.
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