Performance study of the Galway Bay wave energy test site floating power system

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Bosma, Bret
Sheng, Wanan
Thiebaut, Florent
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International Conference on Ocean Energy
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The Galway Bay wave energy test site promises to be a vital resource for wave energy researchers and developers. As part of the development of this site, a floating power system is being developed to provide power and data acquisition capabilities, including its function as a local grid connection, allowing for the connection of up to three wave energy converter devices. This work shows results from scaled physical model testing and numerical modelling of the floating power system and an oscillating water column connected with an umbilical. Results from this study will be used to influence further scaled testing as well as the full scale design and build of the floating power system in Galway Bay.
Wave energy , Wave energy converter , Wave energy production , Floating power system , Galway Bay
Bosma, B., Sheng, W. and Thiebaut, F. (2014) 'Performance study of the Galway Bay wave energy test site floating power system', ICOE 2014: 5th International Conference on Ocean Energy, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 4-6 November.
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