The change matters! Measuring the effect of changing the leader in joint music performances

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Varni, G.
Mancini, Maurizio
Fadiga, L.
Camurri, A.
Volpe, G.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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In a joint action, a group of individuals coordinate their movements to reach a shared goal. When a change - i.e., an event that affects group functioning - occurs, the group adopts strategies to face it. This paper investigates how a change involving a strategic core role in a group affects interpersonal coordination and ultimately group effectiveness in performing a joint action. Following the entrainment theory, interpersonal coordination is addressed in terms of the rhythmic cycles of the individuals and of the group and their adjustment. Music is used as an ideal ecological scenario for investigation. Results show that whereas the change of conductor had a limited significant effect on entrainment, a significant effect was found when entrainment is used as a predictor of the external ratings. Both the obtained results and the techniques developed for measuring entrainment may open novel research directions in the area of automated analysis of group behavior, and particularly of emotion in groups.
Music , Conductors , Performance evaluation , Kinematics , Psychology , Synchronization , Joint action , Group , Change , Entrainment , Musical performance
Varni, G., Mancini, M., Fadiga, L., Camurri, A. and Volpe, G. (2019) 'The change matters! Measuring the effect of changing the leader in joint music performances', IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, doi: 10.1109/TAFFC.2019.2951368
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