Bifidobacterial distribution across Italian cheeses produced from raw milk

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Milani, Christian
Alessandri, Giulia
Mancabelli, Leonardo
Lugli, Gabriele Andrea
Longhi, Giulia
Anzalone, Rosaria
Viappiani, Alice
Duranti, Sabrina
Turroni, Francesca
Ossiprandi, Maria Cristina
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Cheese microbiota is of high industrial relevance due to its crucial role in defining the organoleptic features of the final product. Nevertheless, the composition of and possible microbe–microbe interactions between these bacterial populations have never been assessed down to the species-level. For this reason, 16S rRNA gene microbial profiling combined with internally transcribed spacer (ITS)-mediated bifidobacterial profiling analyses of various cheeses produced with raw milk were performed in order to achieve an in-depth view of the bifidobacterial populations present in these microbially fermented food matrices. Moreover, statistical elaboration of the data collected in this study revealed the existence of community state types characterized by the dominance of specific microbial genera that appear to shape the overall cheese microbiota through an interactive network responsible for species-specific modulatory effects on the bifidobacterial population.
Bifidobacteria , Metagenomics , Profiling , Microbiota , Cheese
Milani, C., Alessandri, G., Mancabelli, L., Lugli, G. A., Longhi, G., Anzalone, R., Viappiani, A., Duranti, S., Turroni, F., Ossiprandi, M. C., van Sinderen, D. and Ventura, M. (2019) 'Bifidobacterial Distribution Across Italian Cheeses Produced from Raw Milk', Microorganisms, 7(12), 599 (12pp). doi: 10.3390/microorganisms7120599
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