128 × 128 silicon photonic MEMS switch package using glass interposer and pitch reducing fibre array

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Hwang, How Yuan
Morrissey, Padraic E.
Lee, Jun Su
O'Brien, Peter A.
Henriksson, Johannes
Wu, Ming C.
Seok, Tae Joon
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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We design and fabricate the packaging of 128 × 128 silicon photonic MEMS switch device using through glass via (TGV) interposer and pitch reducing fibre array. The switch device contains 16384 MEMS switch cells and 272 grating couplers spaced at 63.5 μm in a compact footprint of 17.4 mm × 16 mm. The apodised grating couplers designed for 1300 nm have an insertion loss of 2.5 dB/facet at 10° coupling angle. The 0.5 mm thick glass interposer contains 512 electrical vias while the pitch reducing optical coupling array is polished to 40° for planar coupling.
Diffraction gratings , Elemental semiconductors , Integrated optics , Integrated optoelectronics , Micro-optomechanical devices , Microswitches , Optical communication equipment , Optical design techniques , Optical fibre couplers , Optical fibre losses , Optical switches , Silicon , Silicon photonic MEMS switch package , Pitch reducing fibre array , Insertion loss , Planar coupling , Optical coupling array , Apodised grating couplers , Switch device , Glass interposer , Size 63.5 mum , Size 17.4 mm , Size 16.0 mm , Size 0.5 mm , Wavelength 1300.0 nm , Optical fibers , Photonics , Optical coupling
Hwang, H. Y., Morrissey, P., Lee, J. S., Brien, P. O., Henriksson, J., Wu, M. C. and Seok, T. J. (2017) '128 × 128 silicon photonic MEMS switch package using glass interposer and pitch reducing fibre array', 2017 19th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference, Singapore, 6-9 Dec. (4 pp). doi:10.1109/EPTC.2017.8277436
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