Dynamic effects of anchor positional tolerance on tension moored floating wind turbine

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Wright, Christopher S.
Pakrashi, Vikram
Murphy, Jimmy
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For water depths greater than 60m floating wind turbines will become the most economical option for generating offshore wind energy. Tension mooring stabilised units are one type of platform being considered by the offshore wind energy industry. The complex mooring arrangement used by this type of platform means that the dynamics are greatly effected by offsets in the positioning of the anchors. This paper examines the issue of tendon anchor position tolerances. The dynamic effects of three positional tolerances are analysed in survival state using the time domain FASTLink. The severe impact of worst case anchor positional offsets on platform and turbine survivability is shown. The worst anchor misposition combinations are highlighted and should be strongly avoided. Novel methods to mitigate this issue are presented.
Anchor , Offset , Position , Wind energy , Wind turbine
Wright, C., Pakrashi, V. and Murphy, J. (2016) 'Dynamic effects of anchor positional tolerance on tension moored floating wind turbine', Journal of Physics: Conference Series 753(9), 092019 (9pp). doi:10.1088/1742-6596/753/9/092019
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