From seafood waste to active seafood packaging: an emerging opportunity of the circular economy

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de la Caba, Koro
Guerrero, Pedro
Trung, Trang Si
Cruz-Romero, Malco C.
Kerry, Joseph P.
Fluhr, Joachim
Maurer, Marcus
Kruijssen, Froukje
Albalat, Amaya
Bunting, Stuart
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Sustainable development is an overarching objective that requires an interdisciplinary approach in order to address the societal challenge concerning climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials. In this context, valorization of abundant and available bio-wastes with high potential to manufacture value-added products is the first step to close the loop between waste and consumption in line with the main goal of the circular economy. In the last years, many research works have been published in the literature regarding novel food packaging. However, most of them are focused on packaging composition (scientific aspects) and some of them on the packaging manufacture (technological aspects), but very few studies are concerned about the influence of bringing novel food packaging systems into the market on environmental, social and economic issues. In this regard, this review intends to fill this gap, considering the potential of developing food packaging from food processing waste in order to create business for food industries, being aware of the food quality demanded by consumers and the environmental care demanded by institutions and society.
Waste valorization , Resource efficiency , Sustainable packaging , Interdisciplinary approach , Life cycle assessment , Circular economy
de la Caba, K., Guerrero, P., Trung, T. S., Cruz-Romero, M., Kerry, J. P., Fluhr, J., Maurer, M., Kruijssen, F., Albalat, A., Bunting, S., Burt, S., Little, D. and Newton, R. (2019) 'From seafood waste to active seafood packaging: An emerging opportunity of the circular economy', Journal of Cleaner Production, 208, pp. 86-98. doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.09.164