Performance of a single liquid column damper for the control of dynamic responses of a tension leg platform

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Jaksic, Vesna
Wright, Christopher S.
Chanayil, Afeef
Ali, Shaikh Faruque
Murphy, Jimmy
Pakrashi, Vikram
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Tuned liquid column dampers have been proved to be successful in mitigating the dynamic responses of civil infrastructure. There have been some recent applications of this concept on wind turbines and this passive control system can help to mitigate responses of offshore floating platforms and wave devices. The control of dynamic responses of these devices is important for reducing loads on structural elements and facilitating operations and maintenance (O&M) activities. This paper outlines the use of a tuned single liquid column damper for the control of a tension leg platform supported wind turbine. Theoretical studies were carried out and a scaled model was tested in a wave basin to assess the performance of the damper. The tests on the model presented in this paper correspond to a platform with a very low natural frequency for surge, sway and yaw motions. For practical purposes, it was not possible to tune the liquid damper exactly to this frequency. The consequent approach taken and the efficiency of such approach are presented in this paper. Responses to waves of a single frequency are investigated along with responses obtained from wave spectra characterising typical sea states. The extent of control is quantified using peak and root mean squared dynamic responses respectively. The tests present some guidelines and challenges for testing scaled devices in relation to including response control mechanisms. Additionally, the results provide a basis for dictating future research on tuned liquid column damper based control on floating platforms.
Vibration control , Offshore structures
Jaksic, V., Wright, C., Chanayil, A., Ali, S. F., Murphy, J. and Pakrashi, V (2015) 'Performance of a single liquid column damper for the control of dynamic responses of a tension leg platform', Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 628 (1), 012058. doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/628/1/012058