What women want: exploring pregnant women's preferences for alternative models of maternity care

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Fawsitt, Christopher G.
Bourke, Jane
Lutomski, Jennifer E.
Meaney, Sarah
McElroy, Brendan
Murphy, Rosemary
Greene, Richard A.
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Elsevier Ireland Ltd
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Depending on obstetric risk, maternity care may be provided in one of two locations at hospital level: a consultant-led unit (CLU) or a midwifery-led unit (MLU). Care in a MLU is sparsely provided in Ireland, comprising as few as two units out of a total 21 maternity units. Given its potential for greater efficiencies of care and cost-savings for the state, there has been an increased interest to expand MLUs in Ireland. Yet, very little is known about women’s preferences for midwifery-led care, and whether they would utilise this service when presented with the choice of delivering in a CLU or MLU. This study seeks to involve women in the future planning of maternity care by investigating their preferences for care and subsequent motivations when choosing place of birth. Qualitative research is undertaken to explore maternal preferences for these different models of care. Women only revealed a preference for the MLU when co-located with a CLU due to its close proximity to medical services. However, the results suggest women do not have a clear preference for either model of care, but rather a hybrid model of care which encompasses features of both consultant- and midwifery-led care
Consultant led unit , Midwifery led unit , Thematic analysis
Fawsitt, C. G., Bourke, J., Lutomski, J. E., Meaney, S., McElroy, B., Murphy, R. and Greene, R. A. (2017) 'What women want: exploring pregnant women’s preferences for alternative models of maternity care', Health Policy, 121(1), pp. 66-74. doi: 10.1016/j.healthpol.2016.10.010