Techno-economic data for a multi-model approach to decarbonisation of the Irish private car sector

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Mulholland, Eamonn
Rogan, Fionn
Ó Gallachóir, Brian P.
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These data and analyses support the research article “From technology pathways to policy roadmaps to enabling measures – A multi-model approach” Mulholland et al. (2017) [1]. This article uses 3 models – an optimization model of the Irish energy system (Irish TIMES), a simulation model of the Irish private transport sector (CarSTOCK), and a market share algorithm used to provide a behavior rich representation into the multi-modelling process. Each of these models are linked to provide a technology pathway, policy roadmap, and finally identify the enabling measures of the private transport sector in a low-carbon Ireland moving toward 2050. The article is organized in the same order, firstly providing the key modelling assumptions and operability of Irish TIMES, secondly for CarSTOCK, and finally for the market share algorithm. All data is supplied within this article.
Energy modelling , Private transport
Mulholland, E., Rogan, F. and Ó Gallachóir, B. P. (2017) 'Techno-economic data for a multi-model approach to decarbonisation of the Irish private car sector', Data in Brief, 15, pp. 922-932. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2017.10.006