Multi-micron silicon photonicsplatform for highly manufacturable and versatile photonic integrated circuits

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Zilkie, A. J.
Srinivasan, P.
Trita, A.
Schrans, T.
Yu, G.
Byrd, J.
Nelson, D. A.
Muth, K.
Lerose, D.
Alalusi, M.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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We describe and characterize a multi-micron silicon photonics platform that was designed to combine performance, power efficiency, manufacturability, and versatility for integrated photonic applications ranging from data communications to sensors. We outline the attributes needed for broad applicability, high-volume manufacturing, and large-scale deployment of silicon photonics, and describe how the platform is favorable with respect to these attributes. We present demonstrations of key technologies needed for the communications and sensing applications, including low-loss fiber attach, compact low-loss filters, efficient hybrid wavelength division multiplexed lasers, and high-speed electro-absorption modulators and integrated photodetectors.
Electroabsorption , Electro-optical modulation , Elemental semiconductors , Fibre optic sensors , Integrated optoelectronics , Optical fibre communication , Optical fibre filters , Optical fibre losses , Photodetectors , Semiconductor optical amplifiers , Silicon , Wavelength division multiplexing , Data communications , Power efficiency , Low-loss fiber attach , Compact low-loss filters , Efficient hybrid wavelength division multiplexed lasers , High-speed electro-absorption modulators , Integrated photodetectors , Sensing applications , High-volume manufacturing , Integrated photonic applications , Multimicron silicon photonics platform , Versatile photonic integrated circuits , Highly manufacturable integrated circuits , Si , Photonics , Micrometers , Optical fiber polarization , Optical losses , Ribs , Photonic integrated circuits , integrated optics , Silicon photonics , Photonic integration , Optical interconnects , Optoelectronics , Hybrid lasers , III-V hybrid integration
Zilkie, A. J., Srinivasan, P., Trita, A., Schrans, T., Yu, G., Byrd, J., Nelson, D. A., Muth, K., Lerose, D., Alalusi, M., Masuda, K., Ziebell, M., Abediasl, H., Drake, J., Miller, G., Nykanen, H., Kho, E., Liu, Y., Liang, H., Yang, H., Peters, F. H., Nagra, A. S. and Rickman, A. G. (2019) 'Multi-Micron Silicon Photonics Platform for Highly Manufacturable and Versatile Photonic Integrated Circuits', IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 25(5), pp. 1-13. doi: 10.1109/JSTQE.2019.2911432
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