Integration of quantum dot lasers with SOI waveguides using micro-transfer printing

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Uzun, Ali
Atar, Fatih
Justice, John
Loi, Ruggero
Farrell, Alex
Ossieur, Peter
Zhang, Jing
Roelkens, Gunther
Krestnikov, Igor
Rimböck, Johanna
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We demonstrate the integration of long (2.4 mm) 1.3 μm etched facet quantum dot (QD) laser diodes into 7 μm deep recesses on an SOI wafer by micro transfer printing (μTP). Inverse tapered waveguide couplers were used to edge-couple the light from the QD laser to the 220 nm thick Si waveguide layer. Characterization exhibits that the QD lasers with 2 mm cavity length have threshold currents ~20 mA with output powers above 10 mW at 80 mA. A waveguide-coupled power of ~1mW was obtained.
Butt coupling , Quantum dot laser diodes , Silicon photonics , Transfer printing
Uzun, A., Atar, F., Justice, J., Loi, R., Farrell, A., Ossieur, P., Zhang, J., Roelkens, G., Krestnikov, I., Rimböck, J., Erlt, S., Pantouvaki, M., Lepage, G., Van Campenhout, J. and Corbett, B. (2022) 'Integration of quantum dot lasers with SOI waveguides using micro-transfer printing', 23rd European Conference on Integrated Optics (ECIO 2022), Milan, Italy, 4-6 May. Available at: (Accessed: 30 January 2024).
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