High frequency DC-DC converter with co-packaged planar inductor and power IC

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Wang, Ningning
Barry, John
Hannon, Jason
Kulkarni, Santosh
Foley, Ray
McCarthy, Kevin G.
Rodgers, Kenneth
Waldron, Finbarr
Barry, Mark
Casey, Declan P.
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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The paper introduces the trend of integration and miniaturization of power converters with potential for enhanced efficiency, form factor reduction and cost reduction. To demonstrate the concept of highly integrated switched mode power supply with integrated magnetic, a system-in-package DC-DC converter using a stacked co-packaging approach is developed. A system approach was taken to the design, and functional integration, using 3-D packaging for realizing a power supply in package solution (PwrSiP). The target integrated converter is capable of handling an input voltage of 5V and frequencies up to 40MHz. A DC-DC converter IC on a 0.35μm CMOS process was designed to meet this goal. In parallel with the IC design, technology development for on-silicon integrated micro-inductors was completed to achieve small-form factor and extremely low profile. A maximum measured efficiency of 83% and 78% was achieved on the stacked converter operating at 20MHz and 40MHz, respectively. The stacked approach showed a 30% area reduction compared to side-by-side implementation with external discrete inductor.
CMOS integrated circuits , DC-DC power convertors , Inductors , Integrated circuit design , Power integrated circuits , System-in-package , DC-DC converter , Planar inductor , Power IC , Power converters , Form factor reduction , Cost reduction , Switched mode power supply , Power supply in package solution , PwrSiP , CMOS process , IC design , On-silicon integrated micro-inductors , Voltage 5 V , Frequency 40 MHz , Size 0.35 mum , Frequency 20 MHz , Integrated circuits , Wires , Magnetic cores , Shift registers , Resistance , Inductance
Wang, N., Barry, J., Hannon, J., Kulkarni, S., Foley, R., McCarthy, K., Rodgers, K., Waldron, F., Barry, M., Casey, D., Rohan, J., O'Brian, J., Hegarty, M., Kelleher, A.-M., Roy, S. and Ó Mathúna, C. (2013) ‘High frequency DC-DC converter with co-packaged planar inductor and power IC’, 2013 IEEE 63rd Electronic Components and Technology Conference, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 28-31 May, pp. 1946-1952. doi:10.1109/ECTC.2013.6575844
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