Creativity development and Mode 2 theory development: Event system and experiential learning perspectives

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Kulichyova, Anastasia
Jooss, Stefan
Garavan, Thomas
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Literature on academic-stakeholder collaboration in the context of HRM is scarce and highlights the challenges linking theory to practice. Drawing on Mode 2 research, we theorise how a structured intervention enables the generation of theoretical insights concerning the development of employee creativity knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs). Utilising event system theory, we reveal how the novelty, criticality, and disruption of a structured intervention fuel an experiential learning process. This process facilitates the development of important individual and team-based creativity KSAs and is sustained through a learning mindset. We develop insights about theories-in-use, HRM theory development, and the micro processes involved in an academic-stakeholder collaboration including areas of potential tension. From a practice perspective, we highlight the value of structured interventions for creativity KSA development and a strategy to facilitate academic-stakeholder collaboration.
Academic-stakeholder collaboration , Creative problem-solving , Event system theory , Experiential learning process , Structured intervention , Theory development , Theory-practice divide
Kulichyova, A., Jooss, S. and Garavan, T. (2022) ‘Creativity development and Mode 2 theory development: Event system and experiential learning perspectives’, Human Resource Management Journal, (25 pp),
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